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C. Gary Wainwright is a veteran trial lawyer and one of Louisiana’s most fierce defenders of our civil liberties. With over 25 years experience, Mr. Wainwright has represented more than 7,ooo citizens, successfully tried over 750 felony jury trials and conducted thousands of evidentiary hearings.

C. Gary Wainwright was admitted to the Louisiana bar on December 23rd 1989. Gary graduated from the Southern Law Center in the class of 1989, Cum Laude.  He joined the Orleans Indigent Defender Program upon graduation and worked there for two and a half years. Mr. Wainwright has an unparalleled reputation for arduously defending his clients.  If you are afraid to fight, Mr. Wainwright is not the lawyer for you.

Fueled by his steadfast belief that the preservation of our democracy depends upon government's authority being checked and our liberty protected, Mr. Wainwright is known for being fearless, knowledgeable, creative, focused and successful.  He has obtained many acquittals.  

Mr. Wainwright refers to his profession  as  citizen’s defense, while most refer to themselves as “criminal defense lawyers.”  Mr. Wainwright steadfastly defends our Bill of Rights, because it is during  criminal prosecutions that a citizen’s constitutional rights are most often endangered.  then established his private practice that is now in it’s third decade.

Mr. Wainwright has achieved beneficial outcomes for his clients in jury trials held in the Louisiana, Florida and Texas state courts. Mr. Wainwright has represented clients in both the state and federal courts of Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida and Texas.

Mr. Wainwright has also achieved substantial awards for clients who entrusted him with their civil matters in personal injury cases, commercial litigation and civil rights litigation.

Mr. Wainwright is also an accomplished appellate lawyer.

In addition, Mr. Wainwright is recognized as one of Louisiana's most knowledgeable persons with respect to the Drug War, Marijuana Prohibition, the medical use of cannabis, the law, it's effects and it's impacts. He has consistently advocated for the re-legalization of cannabis for 40 years and helped to write the original California medical marijuana law and originated the concept of "a doctor's recommendation." Our lives are ours to live and the government does not have the constitutional authority or moral position to tell us what we can or cannot do with our own bodies or consciousness.


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